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by mitsuki lover
#32343 Rao. I think one of the first mentions was in The Death And Life Of Superman. Basically Rao
is the Kyrptonian version of Ra ( or so it seems) and thus the similarities in names.

Siobhan is actually the Silver Banshee. I knew it right off the bat when I saw her name. Then again
the previous Silver Banshee was also named Siobhan ( I guess they love that name for her! :lol: )
Basically some type of Celtic Supervillainess.

So next week the Fortress of Solitude! iloveit1

btw: I would have to agree with Kara or whoever noted that whatever Myrmidon is it's scary enough to make a hologram quake in it's boots.
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by mitsuki lover
#32383 So S-Girl is still pissed at Hank and decides to go her own. The new Bad in town turns out to be from a race that is capable of existing online. She highjacks a ride in a general's cell phone and then
starts to launch nukes toward the city.
S-Girl is barely in time and after a drag out knock down fight manages to intercept the missile.
But she can't stop it by herself and has to call the DEO and get Hank's help.

Afterward she decides that working with Hank is a lot better than by herself.
Alex than breaks down and tells her the truth. Real weepy moment here and then Kara consoles her
Hank tries to get out of the way but Kara stops him and grabs his hand.
So it looks like thinks are back to normal on that front.

Meanwhile Lucy breaks off with James because she realizes he loves Kara and Kara loves him.
Mainly since he never told her the same story about his camera that he told Kara.

So Agent Carter Season 2 ended yesterday. It also looks like every time they have a new
Director for the SRS he ends up getting killed in the final episode. I wonder if this is their way
of boosting Sousa into the Director's Chair?
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by Almael
#32575 Uhm, are you sure we will see Barry next year?

Siobhan said she doesn't care about guys who are 6 feet under, so how come Kara catches them together in the closet?
Lucy got changed out and the way things go it seems Siobhan won't stay much longer. She gradually starts losing out to Kara with Cat.
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by mitsuki lover
#32593 I meant next week. Or at least I think it's next week. All I know is that tonight Siobhan is
going after Kara. Who knows maybe we get Silver Banshee tonight?

On a side note what I read Superman V Batman was considered a hit.
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by mitsuki lover
#32616 So now basically Alex and J'onn are on the lam after this weeks episode. Also Dr. Danvers isn't dead.
Looks like they are thinking of using Dean Cain a bit more now.
Cat is definitely nobody's fool. I wonder if she'd ever think of hiring Ally McBeal for her legal
department. :lol:

Next week is the long awaited crossover with The Flash. So it appears that they do not share the same universe as in the trailer Kara says something about Barry coming from a different universe.

And speaking of Barry and The Flash: a) no the mystery female speedster wasn't
Jesse Quick! and b) Earth 2 has some really weird blood types since Harry says Jesse has
type PC Negative to which Cisco says:"You do know that isn't a thing here."
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by Almael
#32619 Not yet! Cat wants a second chance to boot Siobhan with emotion! After that you can call Ally. :lol:

You mean Cain gets to do a heroic dying scene.

Isn't it RhD-negative Platelet Concentrate (PC) administrated to pregnant women?
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by mitsuki lover
#32827 *bump*

No they made it plain that it was her blood type.

AFAIG with the crossover: at one point Barry asks Kara if she's ever heard of The Flash or Green Arrow
or any of the other Superheroes and is surprised when she says no. This and the fact that he's surprised when she takes off after 'rescuing' her were pretty good signs he warnt in Kansas any more! :lol:
One of the best lines was Cat's about them looking like "the cast of some CW show!"
(way to dig at the competition CBS! woooo1 )
And finally Siobhan becomes the Silver Banshee!
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by Almael
#32852 :lol:
Was about time.
Barry: Let's settle this like women. iloveit1

Heh. CBS is mostly about police shows. They did Almost Human and Continuum because they are also cop shows. But when it comes to Trek it's no go.
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by mitsuki lover
#32890 Tonight Non starts his plan by turning hoomans into his zombie army.

AFAIG: so basically they're turning Star Trek into Dragnet and Emergency!, is that it?
It be funny if Pierce was in honor of Hawkeye Pierce from MASH, 'cause y'know the whole thing
they have for it that TPTB in Trekdom have for it.