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by Ukinojo92
mitsuki lover wrote:320 steps?

Now AFAIG with the quiz is it in Japanese and English? I didn't read the full article just looked at the pics.

I think so, I saw a quiz in one of the pics that had the question in English and Japanese
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by Nobuyuki
mitsuki lover wrote:Any way who counts steps?

Bill W. and his friends?
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by mitsuki lover
#32443 :lol:
But those are just 12.
Anyways is it true that in Japan if you climb 99 and half steps at the 99 and half step you'll meet a
beautiful girl named Madoka? mmhmm1

And is it no wonder that Ryoko perfers flying all the time with all those steps to climb?
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by susano
#32452 Agaguchi Japan's Tarojinja Shrine is the shrine which the design of the Masaki family Shrine is based on. The grounds and buildings in the anime are almost identical to the Tarojinga's existing structures. The exact location of the fictional Masaki Family Shrine is northwest of Kurashiki City. It is starting to turn out that the Masaki Shrine may be located in a part of Takahashi City Japan.

The Shrine's chief priest is grateful of the many fans of Tenchi Muyo who decided to help in the upkeep of the Tarojinga Shrine.

Kiyofacepalm1 blush1
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by NinjaboyMMGN
#32570 Was in Takahashi City last year and I can account for seeing one shrine that looked similar to the Masaki one though I didn't get any photos. Besides Ai Tenchi Muyo portrayed Takahashi City very well. Every location I visited was pretty much identical to real life locations. For instance -