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by Ukinojo92
You're overthinking it. There were two Mihoshi's, the one from the feudal era (that we never hear from again after she's sucked into the vortex along with feudal Ryoko) and the one at the school, but the Mihoshi in the GP bunny suit is definitely the same Mihoshi from the dig site, she simply changed clothes. Digging was apparently part of the cover for her secret GP mission, or something.

Washu clearly states when she got captured that she simply forgot Mihoshi was still there.

Looking through the 50 eps, it wasn't clearly stated which universe the GXP HQ came from. The GXP commander argued protocol precedents about aliens on earth over Okayama. This would mean there would have to be another GXP presence in that universe that AI takes place.

Also Momo was sucked into the vortex as well and came back, but not as original self and no memory. In any Tenchi series, Mihoshi is Mihoshi and can do ridiculous things, it is possible she made it through, and as for Ryoko, I have been building the theory she came back as Ukan.

Ukan is super strong, her personality is the same as Ryoko when playing with Tenchi, and notice her kind of whipping out her energy sword and holding it just like Ryoko usually does in ep 52.
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by Dagon123
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Tenchicast 31: No Need for Ai Tenchi Muyo! PT.8 | Latest Tenchicast

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